Ghosts and New Age Psychics in Edmonton

Ghosts and New Age Psychics in Edmonton

  Edmonton is home to many new age psychics and spiritualists  that specialize in past-life readings, Tarot, psychic readings and other  practices.  Every tar The Body Soul and  Spirit Expo is held at the New Edmonton Export Center at Northlands. At this  fair you can get every type of psychic reading imaginable including astrology  and tarot readings as well as buy gemstones, herbs, candles and books on the  New Age and the Paranormal...
  If you are a fan of crop circles, mazes and labyrinths, as  many people who enjoy all things mystical are, you might enjoy the Edmonton  Corn Maize which is a giant maze cut into fifteen acres of corn every year.
  Fort Edmonton, an ancient building that has been turned into  a tourist attraction complete with characters in costume, is rumored to be one  of the most haunted places in this Canadian Midwest city.  Many pictures of many different ghosts  appearing in mirrors and floating about the rooms have been taken over the  years.
  Another very haunted old building is the La Boheme Bed and  Breakfast which was built in 1912 and attracts psychics and paranormal  investigators because of the ghost of a murdered woman that lives there. The  original furnace in which she was burned alive in the basement is still there.
Edmonton is also home to John deRuiter, a spiritual teacher  and author who has thousands of followers and who is known to many as the  inventor of the New Religion of Truth.   He is a channeled who has been rumored to walk on water. Many psychic  consultants in Edmonton are part of the John deRuiter movement for  enlightenment.

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